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Bienvenido a "English in Marketing for Chinese Speakers"
Share and discuss marketing tips, hints, techniques and English essentials for the industry.
Idioma: Chinese
Miembros: 2358
Oficiales: samantha (Administrator), Maro y Wei

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Por DHichem7 el 10/03/2014 11:00:51 a.m.
book you need it in Businees

good moorning every one in this group I'"ll give you today best english in business english

ever ( Berrlitz business language for english life )

1/ http://adf.ly/fEnaT
click in link below

click skip annonce

finaly download this book

good luck

Por yxuc613 el 08/06/2015 09:56:58 a.m.
RE: book you need it in Businees
How can I see it
Por aaisso el 27/01/2016 07:44:06 a.m.
RE: RE: book you need it in Businees
but that link has been deleted!