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Idioma: English
Miembros: 5444
Oficiales: Larissa (Administrator)

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Por OAkhras2 el 12/09/2015 06:24:21 p.m.
speaking practice

 hi guys i'm Oday frpm palestine i'm 24 years old

i'm intersted to practice speaking skill to enhance my accent and improve my vocabulary

if any one is excited to practice he/she can send me a message

Por FLast47865 el 13/09/2015 09:14:06 a.m.
RE: practicing speaking
Hi Oday i´m Nicolas from Colombia i´m 17 years old and also i want to improve my speaking skills if you want send me a message and both of us can practice our speaking skills
Por RUrquiz1 el 22/09/2015 03:28:52 p.m.
RE: speaking practice
Hi Oday, i'm from Brazil, i'm 24 years old, you can contact me to talk. Bye
Por yyangboc5 el 26/10/2015 02:44:34 a.m.
RE: speaking practice

Hi, I'm Poe from Shanghai and 24 too. I also want to improve my English skills, so please contact me at sanby@live.cn if you like, or by any other contact ways.

Por yyangboc5 el 26/10/2015 02:49:48 a.m.
RE: RE: speaking practice
Hello, Urquiz1, nice to know you ^^. I think that maybe we are in the opposite time zones since you are in Brazil and I'm in China. When you're in the morning, maybe I'm just in the evening. That's interesting, right?
Por ZAbdelgalil el 07/12/2015 12:20:15 p.m.
RE: speaking practice
Hi, I think we can do it together, please contact me, my email is ziadabdelgalil@gmail.com

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